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About Us

From Field to Market : Stable and Reliable

In this uncertain world of agribusiness, there are some things you can be absolutely sure of: Agri-Food Central Ltd.'s commitment to continuous improvement and to building relationships and working with buyers and sellers to offer solutions and support that helps them meet the demand of their own clients, excellence and quality in the transportation and logistics solutions we provide, and a strong customer focus.

Agri-Food has recognized that traditional trade barriers are falling and that international commerce has become a strategic option, and in some cases, a competitive necessity. We have responded by providing our clients with the means to vertically integrate all/part of the value chain participants into a seamless, often paperless, distribution process.

We know how to get the results your looking for through third party negotiations, carrier selection, and innovative transportation solutions.

An effective supply chain can result in lower costs, improved customs service and increased cash flow.

Our Scope

Agri-Food Central Ltd. was founded in 2006, with headquarters in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.  Our primary service area is the Americas with a focus on a source of supply from Canada and destination Markets in Mexico and Latin America.

Canada has been blessed with vast areas of the finest grain growing land on earth, with Canadian farmers among the most productive and efficient grain and pulse producers in the world. No other country can offer better quality than Canada, and no other Canadian company can offer the unique value chain solutions Agri-Food Central does.

Welcome to the Value Chain.

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