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Commodity Brokerage 

Commodity brokerage is a core competency for our group.


Established in 2006, Agri-Food has earned a reputation for consistent and reliable performance.  Today, our clients benefit from our experience and network of first class contractually minded buyers and sellers of the following commodities:

  • Lentils / Peas / Beans 

  • Canary seed / Millet 

  • Flaxseed (Birdfood and Bakery)

  • Canola / Canola Meal

  • Soybeans

  • Rolled Oats / Oat Groats

It is most common that sellers and buyers execute our brokerage confirmation using their own carrier selection and means of conveyance.  However, where it makes sense to the seller and/or buyer, we stand ready to complement our brokerage service with a full suite of Transportation and Logistics offerings to address risks associated with transportation, documentation, quality, delivery, or payment.   


Disputes or complaints arise from time to time.  What sets us apart from others is our proven ability to mediate on an unbiased basis, and where appropriate offer solutions which often include the coordination of third party inspections for weight and/or quality; at the time of loading at origin, upon delivery at destination, or even after goods have been physically received by the buyer.

We have all the tools to enable you to trade with increased confidence and less risk, taking advantage of our value added services where and when it suits you, and always maintaining your key role as importer or exporter.

Put our tools to work for you, and let's build a relationship together.

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