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Transportation and Logistics

We offer customized transportation and logistics solutions for the agriculture industry.




At times traditional exporters are unable to find competitive transport capacity from their origins to their destinations and are at risk of missing sales opportunities or not performing on sales contracts already agreed.


We assist by combining the flexibility of short haul trucking with the long haul efficiency of rail or ocean, and in many cases at a lower total cost.


Some of the common combinations for bulk and packed goods include:

  • Ex: Works by truck and delivered by truck

  • Ex: Works by truck and delivered by rail.

  • Ex: Works by truck and delivered by ocean

Our contracts are always seamless, all inclusive, and rated at a flat rate so our customers have absolute certainty about their transportation and logistics costs.


Whatever your needs are, we encourage you to consult with one of our logistics professionals and start benefiting from our experience and taking advantage of our competitive rates.

We have all the tools to enable you to maximize efficiency in your logistics operations, while enhancing your performance and increasing your end-users satisfaction with on-time shipment and quality control.

Your success is our success.

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