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Lentils - Good crop, bad crop

Updated: Feb 12, 2022

Not sure what's more impressive, that we are already talking about new crop pricing for Green Lentils, or that new crop pricing is having such a large impact on buyer's market sentiment. Dealers are door knocking in Mexico (literally) with new crop offers and they are accomplishing little more than spooking the buyers into making sure they have "just enough" to satisfy their regular domestic customers. Ok, we get it, buyer's did a good job forward purchasing Crop 2021 and they might be willing to stick their neck out again. Kind of like doubling down with some of their winnings at the casino. To us, it's still to early. That won't stop the riverboat gamblers. You're right until your wrong and the reality is that if we get anything that resembles a 'good crop' there is nowhere to go but down from today's levels.

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